Configuring Aging Reminders

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One of the hardest parts of making a great knowledge base is keeping all that knowledge up to date. That's why HelpDocs sends out email reminders when articles are getting a little old, to remind you to check on them.

Disabling Aging Reminders on a Single Article

To disable aging reminders on a single article, just click the 'Notifications are switched on' button. You'll no longer receive any reminders about this article.

Enabling Aging reminders for articles

Configuring Reminder Period

The default period is 90 days. So every Friday we'll send you an email with a list of articles that are over 90 days old. This is a per-user setting, so you can change it in your Profile.

  1. Head to Profile (in the top right, it's either your Gravatar or a Mystery Man icon)
  2. Click Edit to toggle on editing
  3. Find the Aging Emails input
  4. Enter a new value (in days) to use for your aging reminder period
  5. Hit Save
Aging reminders profile

Disabling Aging Reminders

If you want to disable aging reminders for all articles, enter 0 in the aging emails box.

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