Customizing Feedback Icons

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Wanna change the look of your feedback buttons? You can with a little bit of JavaScript.

Icons8 is a great resource for finding free icons that look great.

Changing Feedback Icons

Paste the following code into Settings > Code > Scripts. Replace ICON_URL_HERE with an icon URL you'd like to use.

// Add your own icon URL in place of ICON_URL_HERE
var icons = {
positive: 'ICON_URL_HERE',
neutral: 'ICON_URL_HERE',
negative: 'ICON_URL_HERE',

function ready(fn) {
if (document.readyState != 'loading'){
} else if (document.addEventListener) {
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', fn);
} else {
document.attachEvent('onreadystatechange', function() {
if (document.readyState != 'loading')

function replaceIcon(selector, url) {
var el = document.querySelector(selector);
if (!el) return;
el.innerHTML = '<img src="' + url + '">';

ready(function() {
replaceIcon('.feedback-positive', icons.positive);
replaceIcon('.feedback-neutral', icons.neutral);
replaceIcon('.feedback-negative', icons.negative);

Here's an example of what different feedback buttons could look like using the above JavaScript 👇

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