Exporting & Backing Up Your Articles

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At HelpDocs we take regular backups of all your data, so you don't need to worry.

That said, if you need a copy of your data for any reason, it's super easy to grab it from our API. 

You'll need at least read-only API access on your plan to export your data

Exporting as JSON

The HelpDocs API is the most flexible way to export data. You can query articles by category, and even select which fields you'd like to view. You can learn more about the API in our API docs.

Downloading a .csv file

If you want to grab a quick copy of all your articles to use as a spreadsheet, or import to another piece of software, a CSV is the answer. 

  1. Head to SettingsAPI and create an API key with Read permissions
  2. Your .csv is now available at https://api.helpdocs.io/v1/article?format=csv&key=your_api_key

Exporting to Google Sheets

Creating a Google Sheet of your articles is just as simple.

  1. Head to Settings > API and create an API key with Read permissions
  2. Create a new Google Sheet
  3. In the top left cell, type =IMPORTDATA("https://api.helpdocs.io/v1/article?format=csv&key=your_api_key")
  4. Hit Return
  5. Save your new sheet

Google will pull all your articles from the HelpDocs API and display them in your sheet.

You can download a copy of your data by going File > Download As... and selecting a file format of your choice. I'd go for a .xls 🙌
Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers work best for opening as .csv. If you haven't got access to any of these, a simple text editor should do the trick

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