Using Folds

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Wanna add some optional background info to your articles? With Folds you can pique users' interest without overwhelming them 🌟

A Fold is an element with a title and content. The content is hidden by default and only revealed when clicking the title.

You can see the content inside a fold by clicking here
The content is now visible ✨
Common use cases for Folds might include "💡Did you know that …?", "System Requirements", "If you're upgrading from a regular horse" 🦄 or spoilers for the latest season of your favorite show.

Adding a Fold

  1. Head to the article editor
  2. In the toolbar click the 🔽 Fold icon
  3. You'll see a new Fold with a title and content
  4. Enter a compelling title
  5. Add some content (images work too!)
  6. Hit Save
To add a line break within a Fold, press Shift + Enter.
In the article editor Folds are open by default and won't close when you click their title. To see how they'll behave in the wild 🦁 check out the preview of your article

Stacking Folds

If you add a Fold beneath another Fold they'll stack like index cards. You can use them for multi-step instructions with an expandable detail section for each step.

Step 1
Here's some content
Step 2
...and here's some more ✨

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