Writing and Editing Articles

Stale Articles

Mark articles as stale so your team knows exactly what needs updating even if they don’t have all the information they need right then.

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Text Editor

Learn how to get the most out of our custom text editor to create new articles that help customers or your team.

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​Creating a Subcategory

We've built a ton of knowledge bases for ourselves and others and in our extensive experience you can usually get by with just one level of categories. Though sometimes you might want to add a few more.

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​Featuring an Article

Featuring is a great way to promote your best and most important articles in HelpDocs. Here's how to an article the star of the show. ⭐

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Getting started with taxonomy

We don't support having the same article in multiple categories as it can create a frustrating user experience. If users find multiple copies of the same article dotted throughout your knowledge base…

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Adding a Table of Contents

If you're writing guides or long form articles you might want to add a Table of Contents (TOC). This makes it way easier for people to navigate your article. 👏

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Restoring Deleted Articles

Sometimes when you're in the zone you can get a little trigger happy, we get it. If you've deleted your article recently by accident I've got good news—you can restore it. Here's how.. Restoring Dele…

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Previewing Unpublished Articles

We all want our docs to look just right. If you're writing or editing an article and you want to check how it looks on your HelpDocs before publishing it, you can preview it from the article editor.

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Downloading Articles to PDF

With PDF article export you can take your knowledge base offline. We'll automatically make them readable, print friendly, and nicely formatted. 💅

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Linking to a Part of an Article

Sometimes you'll want to send your customers to a specific part of an article. Here's how.

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Collaborating on Articles with Presence

We've built real-time presence indicators into the product to help you work as a team. The days of overwriting each other's work are gone.✨

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Filtering Articles

Need narrow down the list of articles with certain attributes? You can filter your articles to find what you're looking for.

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Hiding Articles from Public Search Engines

Having your knowledge base show up in popular search engines like Google and Bing can be a great way to save your customers time and reduce support tickets. However, it's not always ideal.

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Bulk Select & Edit Multiple Articles

Sometimes you want to update multiple articles at once without going in and out of each one. With bulk edit inside the content view, you can. Go forth and update. 🧙‍♂️

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Exporting & Backing Up Your Articles

At HelpDocs we take regular backups of all your data, so you don't need to worry. That said, if you need a copy of your data for any reason, it's super easy to grab it from our API.

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Understanding Search Results

We're constantly improving our search algorithm to get you the best results, but it's not always enough. If you want to improve your search, there's a couple things you can do.

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What is Readability?

In the article editor you'll see a readability score This is a measure of how complex your article is to understand. 1 is super easy for your readers to understand, whereas 14 is very difficult.

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Hidden Categories

When you create a category for the first time, you might not see it on your customer-facing knowledge base. That's because we only display categories that contain published articles. 🙃

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Incompatible Browser Extensions

Sometimes our article editor and your browser extensions just don't get on. 😣 If you're using Grammarly, Beeline Reader or Ablocks, read on.

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How to Add Extra Spacing

HelpDocs is designed with usability and accessibility in mind, but there might be times where you want to add additional spacing between paragraphs or around images.

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Editing Images

If you enjoy finding the sweet spot for your images, we've got you covered. Change image size and the alignment, send folks to a different page, or be more inclusive by adding alt text.

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