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Downloading Articles to PDF

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With PDF article export you can take your knowledge base offline. We'll automatically make them readable, print friendly, and nicely formatted. You might want to use this to:

  • Give employees an onboarding handbook
  • Send customers printed instructions
  • Take articles with you on the go without needing an internet connection

Exporting a Single Article PDF

  1. Head to the article you want to download
  2. Click more > Export as PDF
  3. Your download will start
Fancy seeing what it looks like? Here's an example single PDF.

Exporting a Multi-Article PDF

  1. Head to the Content tab
  2. Bulk select the articles you'd like to export together
  3. Click Bulk Edit in the top right
  4. Click the Download PDF button at the bottom of the menu
  5. Your download will start in a new tab šŸ‘Œ
Here's an example of a multi-article PDF export.

Exporting Your Account to PDF

  1. Head to Settings > Migrations
  2. Head to the the Export & Backup section
  3. Click more next to PDF
  4. Click Email me a PDF
  5. We'll start preparing your PDF. When it's ready we'll send you a link you can use to download it šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’»

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