Can I embed files into HelpDocs?

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Images & Videos

We'll host all your images for you, and we let you embed videos directly from Youtube / Vimeo. Use the Image and Video buttons in the article editor for those. You can refer to our article on Inserting Videos for more info about the types of Video we support (TL;DR probably all the things).

Files smaller than 5MB

If you want to upload a file of any type smaller than 5MB you can do that by hitting the File button in the article editor. It'll insert a link to the file, and we'll host it on our servers.

Don't try to upload a file larger than 5MB this way—you'll be disappointed, and our servers will be mad at you 😡

Files larger than 5MB (i.e. gigantic files)

If your file's larger than a Tokyo skyscraper you'll need to host it somewhere else and embed / link to it in your doc.

You can also embed any files you like from G Suite, or anywhere that gives you an HTML embed code for your docs. Just paste the snippet into the article's HTML view.

If you're looking for another format, like a PDF or a Word document, you'll need to host that file somewhere else and link to it from HelpDocs. We love Dropbox for this. 

Pro tip for Dropbox users
If you're linking to a file from Dropbox, change the dl=0 to dl=1 at the end of the URL. That way the file will start downloading for users right away, instead of showing them a Dropbox preview page.

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