Can I migrate my data from another service?

Probably! There's a bunch of places we can import from, and usually it's free¬†ūüéČ

Automatic Migrations

If you're moving from a service we have automatic migration tools for, you can start a migration from inside your HelpDocs account at Settings >¬†Migrations. Just follow the instructions, and be sure to read the warnings first ūüôÉ

We currently have automatic migration tools for Helpjuice, Zendesk Guide, Intercom Articles, and Help Scout Docs.

Manual Migrations

If you have your content available from another service as a CSV or JSON dump, and are able to provide that in a reasonable format, we can run a semi-automated migration for you for free. Get in touch with us to check what format we'd need.

We'll find it much easier if you format your columns with the following data:








If you're moving from somewhere more obscure we charge a small admin fee. To get a quote for a migration just contact support from inside the app. 

Migrations usually take 3-5 working days. It depends on our current volume and the complexity of the data you're moving.

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