Managing Users

by Jake Peters

In your HelpDocs dashboard you can easily assign different roles to different users.

Available Roles

OwnerThe Owner role is automatically assigned to the creator of the account. This role can do everything, including manage billing. Owners can't be deleted, but we can transfer ownership if you need us too.
AdministratorUsers with an Administrator role can do everything too. They can manage HelpDocs settings, billing, branding, and add/remove users and API keys. They can also edit all articles and content.
EditorAn Editor can see stats and manage content, but can't edit any settings or branding.
Read-OnlyUsers with this role can only view content. This is usually paired with the Restrict to Logged In Users auth option.

Changing the Default User Role

When you invite a new team member in SettingsTeam, they'll automatically be assigned a specific user role. You can change the role they'll be assigned.

  1. Head to Settings > Team 
  2. From the dropdown select the role you'd like to be assigned
  3. Click Save

Change default role for new users

Changing Roles

  1. In your HelpDocs dashboard, head to SettingsTeam
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the team member you'd like to edit
  3. Choose a new role from the Role dropdown
  4. Click Save

Edit an existing team member's role

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