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​What is the Happiness Score?

In the feedback tab, you'll find a metric called Happiness. This shows you a rough indication of the response from visitors about your knowledge base articles.

Jarratt Isted
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​Filtering Analytics

By default we show all HelpDocs analytics at once in the dashboard. That gives you a great high-level overview of how your docs are performing. But something you wanna get more granular.

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What are Tickets Avoided?

In your HelpDocs dashboard you'll see a value for Tickets Avoided. This shows you how many user queries your HelpDocs have solved, without them needing to contact support.

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Getting Team Event History with Audit Trail

For large teams knowing who's doing what matters. In HelpDocs we track each action a team member makes and allow Owners and Admins to review it. Here's how it works.

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Search Click Analytics

Knowing what your users are searching for is super useful. But closing that data loop with Search Click Analytics makes your stats even more powerful. It shows a list of the top articles clicked as a…

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Exporting Your Stats

If you're in an all-hands meeting to show how customer support is performing, it can be useful to talk through the way customers are using and responding to your knowledge base.

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