Exporting Your Stats

If you're in an all-hands meeting to show how customer support is performing, it can be useful to talk through the way customers are using and responding to your knowledge base.

In the dashboard we show the top 10 articles by views, searches, and feedback. If you fancy getting more in-depth than this, you can quickly download the data with all data points included for the time period.

Exporting Article View Data

  1. Head to Stats
  2. Within Detailed Stats, make sure the Articles tab is selected
  3. Click Download Top Articles Data

Exporting Search Data

  1. Head to Stats
  2. Within Detailed Stats, make sure the Searches tab is selected
  3. Click Download Search Data

Exporting Feedback Data

  1. Head to Stats
    1. Within Detailed Stats, make sure the Feedback tab is selected
    2. Click Download Feedback Data

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