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By default we show all HelpDocs analytics at once in the dashboard. That gives you a great high-level overview of how your docs are performing. But sometimes you wanna get more granular 🔍

If you look at the top right of the Stats box you'll see a Filter icon. Clicking that will take you to a page that lets you choose a custom date period and filter stats in various ways.

Any graphs or CSV exports you see in the Stats tab will reflect your current set of filters.

Filtering Stats

  1. Head to Stats
  2. Click the Filter button
  3. Filter by attribute(s)
  4. Click Apply Filters
Be sure to hit Apply Filters when you make changes to anything on this page

Available Filters

  1. Include Categories
    Only show content from the categories you select. Leave blank to show content from all categories.
    How to include all subcategory data 🗂️
    When you filter by a category it won't include any subcategory data underneath. You can include all subcategory data by clicking the arrow button alongside the top-level category.

  2. Include Users
    Only show activity for certain users. Leave blank to show activity from all users.
    You can't combine this with the Exclude logged in users filter. This metric will only be accurate for time periods after April 30 2018.
  3. Exclude IPs
    Remove traffic from a set of IP addresses. This field should be a single ipv4 address or comma-separated list of ipv4 addresses, e.g.,,
  4. Exclude logged in users
    Toggle this on to only show external (i.e. anonymous) traffic, excluding traffic from your team / logged in users.
    Note that you can't combine this with the Include Users filter. This metric will only be accurate for time periods after April 30 2018
  5. Only include current language
    Toggle this on to only show activity in the currently selected language of your knowledge base.
    This filter is only available if you have enabled multilingual HelpDocs

Clearing Stats Filters

  1. Click the Filter button
  2. Click Clear Filters

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