Changing Your Plan

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You can upgrade or downgrade your HelpDocs account at any time. You don't even need the credit card you signed up with.

Only certain user roles can manage billing

Pro-Rated Payments

We pro-rate payments on your account. That means that if you upgrade mid-way through a billing cycle, you'll get a credit for any time you've already paid for. If you switch from monthly to yearly billing we'll do the same.

It's totally automatic, so you never need to worry about overpaying.

Changing Your Plan

  1. Head to SettingsBilling
  2. Choose Monthly or Annual billing
  3. On the plan you'd like to move to, hit Select Plan
  4. A modal will appear asking you to confirm your new plan. Press OK

In a few moments your new plan will be selected in green, and you're all set.

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Updating Your Billing Information

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