Cancelling Your Account

We'll be super sad to see you go, but if you need to cancel your account for any reason, here's how you do it.

Taylor Sloane
Updated by Taylor Sloane

You're always welcome to cancel your HelpDocs account if we're not a good fit. We'll be sad to see you go!

Cancelling Your Account

  1. Head to Settings > Billing
  2. Click Go to billing Portal
  3. Click Cancel plan
  4. Review the information. If you're sure hit Cancel plan
    1. Want to stop the cancellation? Hit Renew plan anytime before the cancellation date
  5. If you have time leave us some feedback. We'd love to get your thoughts 🥰

We'll cancel your account right away. After the billing period is over you'll no longer have access to your article and your knowledge base will be taken offline so you may want to export your data before you hit cancel.

On a trial? There's nothing to cancel—your account will get removed for you automatically a few weeks after your trial expires.

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Changing Your Plan

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