Invoices and Email Receipts

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Every time your card is charged you'll receive an email from Stripe—our payment processor—that lets you know exactly what you've been billed for your last billing period.

We also provide another type of receipt at the bottom of Settings > Billing that you can customize with your business data: your address, business name and any other information you like.

You'll need to be an account administrator or above to view invoices

Adding your business data

  1. In the Billing tab hit Invoice Settings (on the right of the page, just above the Invoices section). This will pull out a sidebar.
  2. In the sidebar enter your business name and address
  3. Hit Save
  4. Click any invoice to see the updates applied
You can add a VAT number or business ID to your invoice if you need. You can enter additional information on any of the lines, just compress your address to use less space.

View and Download Invoices

  1. Head to Settings > Billing
  2. Hit the Invoices button
  3. Choose the option to View or Download invoices

Changing where we email receipts

We can change your email receipts to be sent anywhere you like, including your accounting department. Just contact support from inside your account and let us know the email address you'd like to use.

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