Setting up the Front Plugin

Updated 11 days ago ​by Jake Peters

Front is a shared inbox for teams that brings all of your external messages into one unified inbox.

HelpDocs has a plugin for Front that makes it really easy to send knowledge base articles to your customers when you're responding to their messages. Just slide out the sidebar, search for an article, and click insert.

Connecting HelpDocs & Front

  1. In your Front app
    1. Head to SettingsAPI & IntegrationsPlugins
    2. Click Add a Plugin
    3. Name your plugin (we called ours Knowledge Base)
    4. As the Endpoint, paste in
    5. Click Save
    6. You'll be taken back to the plugins page. Click on your newly created plugin.
    7. Copy the Auth Secret to your clipboard
  2. In your HelpDocs dashboard
    1. Go to SettingsIntegrations
    2. Paste your Auth Secret into the Front Auth Secret box
    3. Hit Save

Now when you're responding to messages in Front, you'll be able to pull up the HelpDocs sidebar. You can search for articles and insert links into your reply with a couple clicks.

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