Using the Front Plugin

Got your Front plugin all set up? Awesome. Let's start using it.

Drafts won't show in the Front sidebar. Privately Published articles will have a 🔐 symbol next to the title

Opening/Closing the Front Plugin

Like any Front plugin, you can expand it by clicking the Expand plugin button in the top right-hand corner. To close it again, click the Collapse plugin button in the same position.

Paste in relevant articles

One of the best uses of the Front plugin is pasting in relevant articles for customers. For example, if a customer is asking how to customize their knowledge base using CSS I might write something like:

Hey! 👋 

You can add CSS by heading to Settings > Code and hitting Save. You can find out more here: Adding Custom CSS. Hope that helps :)

This saves me and the customer time because they can read the article at full length and I don't have to write an essay.

  1. Search for an article
  2. Click Insert URL
  3. The title and a link will be inserted into the composer

Insert a short version of an article

If you're writing a short version for your articles, you can easily insert the text into the composer. This makes it even easier to answer customer queries while keeping things personal at scale.

  1. Search for an article
  2. If available, hover over the Insert Short Version button
  3. Review the Short version inside the tooltip
  4. If you're happy, click Insert Short Version

Create a Draft article

Need to quickly jot down some notes on an article? You can create an article and assign it to a category directly from the Front plugin.

  1. Click Create Article
  2. Write a title, assign to a category, and write a short body
  3. Click
    1. Just Save
      1. This will save the article and return you to the main screen
    2. Save & Edit
      1. This will save the article and take you to the article editor in your default browser

Copy the URL of an article

Want to link to the article without the title or need to paste it somewhere else? No problem, you can copy the link and paste it wherever you like.

  1. Search for an article
  2. Click Copy URL
  3. Paste the URL wherever you like ✨

Open up an article

Need to re-read or look up some information? You can do it directly from Front.

  1. Search for an article
  2. Click Read in Browser
  3. The article will open up in your default browser

Read an article inside the plugin

Need to quickly check something or follow a process without leaving Front? Yep, you can do that.

  1. Search for an article
  2. Click Read article
  3. Start reading 🦉

Quickly access the dashboard

Need to update an article or view some stats while you're in email? You can totally do that with this plugin.

  1. Click View Dashboard
  2. The HelpDocs dashboard will be shown in your default browser

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