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Front Chat Integration

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Front Chat gives your team the ability to respond to visitors and customers in real-time straight from your team inbox. 📩 Here's how to add your Front Chat widget to HelpDocs.

Finding Your Front Chat Token

Before adding the Front Chat widget, you'll need to find your chat token. 

You might need specific permissions to access this, so please check with your team if you can't find the menu in the instructions below. 👌
  1. In the Front email client
    1. Head to Settings
    2. Click Inboxes under Company in the left menu
      Front Chat Inboxes
    3. Select the Front Chat inbox you want to place on your knowledge base
    4. You'll see a list of options. At the bottom, click and expand Code snippet
      1. Within the Code snippet you'll see text similar to window.FCSP = '1365d046d7c023e9b030ce90d02d093a'; between <script> tags
      2. Copy the token between the ' quotes—this is your Front Chat token. In the example above, that would be 1365d046d7c023e9b030ce90d02d093a
      3. Follow the steps here to add the widget to your HelpDocs

Installing the Front Chat Snippet

  1. In HelpDocs
    1. Head to Settings > Integrations
    2. Click Front
    3. Within the Front Chat Token text box, paste in your token
Don't know your Front Chat Token? Follow our guide here.

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Setting up the Front Plugin

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