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Creating and Managing Permission Groups

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The easiest way to start restricting articles to certain users is to create a Permission group.

Each user can have as many Permission groups as you'd like and you can assign multiple Permission groups to each article.

Creating a Permission Group

  1. Head to Settings > Users
  2. Scroll down to Groups
  3. Click Add Group
  4. An untitled group will appear. Click Edit
  5. Enter a name for the new permission group.
  6. Click Save

Assigning Users to Permission Groups

Now you've got your Permission group set up you can start assigning it to users. There's two options here:

  1. Assign the user group in the Users tab within Settings
  2. Assign the user group when inviting a new user

Removing Permission Groups from Users

  1. Head to Settings > User Management
  2. Click Edit next to the user
  3. Select the X on the permission group to delete it
  4. Click Save Changes.

Deleting Permission Groups

  1. Head to Settings > Users
  2. Scroll down to Groups
  3. Click Edit by the group name
  4. Click the trashcan icon
Only empty user groups can be deleted

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