​Getting Started with Permissioning

Looking to restrict certain docs to certain users? Good news—HelpDocs supports permissioning. 🔐

Matt Aunger
Updated 5 months ago by Matt Aunger

Creating and Managing Permission Groups

The easiest way to start restricting articles to certain users is to create a Permission group.

Matt Aunger
Updated 2 weeks ago by Matt Aunger

Removing Permission Groups from Articles

Sometimes you'll want to remove a permission group from an article. You can do that in just a few clicks. 🙃

Matt Aunger
Updated 1 month ago by Matt Aunger

Assigning Permission Groups to Articles

HelpDocs supports article-level permissioning, so you can restrict who can view each article. You can easily manage who has access to your article from the article editor.

Matt Aunger
Updated 2 months ago by Matt Aunger

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