Assigning Permission Groups to Articles

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HelpDocs supports article-level permissioning, so you can restrict who can view each article. You can easily manage who has access to your article from the article editor.

Before adding groups to articles, you need at least one user group. Click here to learn how.

Adding a permission group to an article

You can add a permission group to an article from the article editor in a few clicks. Head to the article editor and:

  1. Click Permissions in the toolbar.
  2. Select the group name from the Groups dropdown (you can choose more than one).
  3. Click Apply Changes.
  4. Hit Save.

Now only users in the selected groups will be able to see the article. And be sure to hit Save when you're done.

Editing articles in categories

If your article is in a category that has Default Permission Groups you can see at a glance if its permissions differ from its parent's. The permissions dot will go yellow rather than pink.

  1. Click on the Add Article Permissions button
  2. Click Replace with Category Permissions
  3. Click Apply Changes
  4. Remember to hit Save when you want these permission groups to apply šŸ˜Š

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