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Assigning Default Permission Groups to Categories

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HelpDocs supports article-level permissions so you can control exactly which users can see which articles.

Sometimes you want an entire category of articles to share the same permission groups. That's where Default Permission Groups for categories come in.

When you create an article in a category that has default permission groups set, the article will inherit those groups. But don't worry—the two are independent. An article can have different permissions to its category, and we give you an easy way to spot the difference. We're making access control FUN. 😏

If you move an article into a category that has default permission groups we won't automatically set that article's permissions to match its category. These groups only apply when you create an article directly inside the category.
Default permission groups are not recursive. If you create an article in a subcategory, only the subcategory's permission groups will be copied to the article.

Assigning Default Permission Groups

You can easily assign permission groups to categories from the Content view using our Permissions icon.

  1. Head to Content
  2. Hover over the category you’d like to add permissions to
  3. Click the permissions icon to the right
  4. Add or delete permission groups from the modal
  5. Click Apply Changes

Understanding Permissions Group Indicators

When you haven't got any permission groups assigned to a category the Permissions icon is hidden until you hover. Once you set permission groups there's two different indicators that'll you'll need to look out for.

Pink indicator

You'll notice a pink indicator next to the permission icon if the category has permissions and any of the following are true:

  • it's a top level category
  • its parent category does not have default permission groups
  • it shares the same default permission groups as its parent category

Yellow indicator

A yellow indicator will show if the category has a parent category with permissions that differ from its own.

It's nothing to worry about. It just shows you that you've set different permissions on this category than its parent.

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