Getting Started

​Managing Users

In your HelpDocs dashboard you can easily assign different roles to different users: Owner, Administrator, Editor and Read-Only.

Updated 3 weeks ago by Jake Peters

​Logging In To Your HelpDocs

To improve the experience for your end users, we don't show a login button on your HelpDocs. To access the admin pages where you can edit settings, articles, etc. just go to <your-subdomain>

Updated 2 months ago by Jake Peters

Understanding Smart 404 Pages

Let's face it, nobody wants their customers to visit a 404 page. If it happens, something has usually gone missing or they've been directed to the wrong place. That's why we've created Smart 404s.

Updated 2 months ago by Jarratt Isted

The HelpDocs Trial

All new HelpDocs users get a 14 day free trial of our Growth plan. 🎉 Here's how to sign up.

Updated 2 months ago by Jake Peters

Setting Up a Custom Domain

Every HelpDocs customer gets a custom subdomain that looks a little like this: <your subdomain> But if you want to take the customer experience from good to great, you'll want to set up a custom domain.

Updated 2 months ago by Jake Peters

Adding or Changing Your Profile Image

We think HelpDocs looks pretty awesome with your face on it. It'll show people that contributed to the knowledge base, and who doesn't love a friendly face?

Updated 2 months ago by Jarratt Isted

Understanding Top Articles

Once you start writing articles and getting views to your knowledge base, you'll see a new section on your knowledge base called Top Articles.

Updated 2 months ago by Jarratt Isted

Switching Between Multiple Accounts

If you have two or more knowledge bases, you'll probably need to switch between them. A lot. That's where the account switcher comes in. 🦄✨

Updated 2 months ago

Setting the URL Style for your Articles

There's two options for article and category links in HelpDocs: permanent or pretty. Enabling pretty links lets you share raw URLs with your customers that look great, but there's some tradeoffs.

Updated 4 months ago by Jake Peters