Setting Up a Custom Domain

Updated a month ago ​by Jake Peters

Every HelpDocs customer gets a custom subdomain that looks a little like this:


It's yours—go wild.

Our subdomains make a lotta sense for customers already, but if you want to take the customer experience from good to great, you'll want to set up a custom domain. For example:


It's super simple to set up a custom domain for your HelpDocs, but if you're not comfortable with DNS and CNAMEs, forward this article to your developers.

Set up a CNAME record

The first step is to log into your DNS provider (e.g. Route 53, GoDaddy, etc.) and set up a new CNAME record for the subdomain you'd like your HelpDocs to be available at. This should be pointed to and have the lowest possible TTL setting.

SSL now available on the Pro plan
We're now offering our Pro plan customers SSL certificates for their custom domains. Get in touch with support once you're signed up, and we'll get you a certificate.

Let us know where

You'll need to tell us what domain will be accessing your HelpDocs. It's only a couple seconds work, and you'll need to head to your account Settings.

Then type your custom domain into the marked field, and hit save. Easy as that.

Sit back and wait

Sadly some DNS providers aren't as fast to respond as we are 🙁 So depending on your provider you may need to wait up to 48 hours for the changes to be applied. Don't worry though—you can still access your HelpDocs at your subdomain, and they won't be interrupted.

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