Setting the URL Style for your Articles

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HelpDocs links, by default, look a little like this:

These links are permanent. If you change slug, article title, or move the article to a different category, your link will continue working. They're very safe to share.

We have an option to use an alternate link style by default. That will cause most URLs in the HelpDocs app to look something like this:

If you choose to start using the alternate link style, be careful not to change your article's slug or category once you've shared a link. The old link(s) will no longer be valid.
HelpDocs only supports this kinda link with latin characters. If your article title is in a non-latin character language, you'll need to set a custom slug.

Like everything in HelpDocs, it's just a couple clicks to enable: 

  1. Head to SettingsGeneral
  2. Check Prefer alternate URL style
  3. Hit Save

If a logged out visitor hits a permalink once you've enabled the alternate URL style, they'll be redirected there

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