Adding URL Redirects

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Over time, it's normal for links to change. But sending a customer to a 404 error page isn't the best experience (although ours are pretty cool!).Ā 

With HelpDocs, you can redirect your customers to a new URL so they find what they're looking for right away.

Setting Up a URL Redirect

  1. Head to Settings > General (or click here)
  2. Scroll to the bottom and hit Add Redirect
    1. In From URL, enter your broken link
    2. In To URL, enter the new link
  3. Hit Save Changes
Advanced Pattern Matching
We support advanced pattern/glob matching with minimatch. Any valid minimatch pattern is valid inside the From URL. That means you can do stuff like /my-redirect/**/* to redirect anything with /my-redirect/ at the start, or !/my-path to redirect anything other than /my-path. The sky's the limit šŸŒ
Custom 404 Page Redirection
We think our 404 pages are pretty neat, but you can redirect to a custom page of your choice by entering 404 as the From URL. We'll even set a 404 error code for you.

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