Understanding Top Articles

Once you start writing articles and getting views to your knowledge base, you'll see an new section on your knowledge base called Top Articles

Depending on your theme, this is either underneath the search bar or a little further down the page.

How it's calculated

Top articles are shown based on the past week of article views.

In the example below Resetting your password, Installing our JavaScript snippet, and Creating your first workflow will all show in the top articles section because they've had the most views in the last month.

We only show the top 3 articles for the week.
Title Views in the last week 🏆 Top Article?
Resetting your password 536 Yes
Installing our JavaScript snippet 452 Yes
Creating your first workflow 364 Yes
Adding your teammates 321 No
Using our API 128 No
Want to remove top articles? Use one of our provided code snippets over here.

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