Can I host my internal docs in HelpDocs?

Jake Peters Updated by Jake Peters

Sure! There's a few ways to use HelpDocs for your internal documentation:

  1. Invite your whole team to HelpDocs and restrict the frontend to logged in users only
    You can use the Customer role if you don't want your team to see the HelpDocs dashboard or edit articles
  2. Use shared password protection and, well, share the password with your team
    You can even cookie your team members in your internal dashboard so they don't need to also log in to HelpDocs
  3. Use JWT authentication to restrict access with a token
    You can customize your JWT token to do some pretty interesting stuff
  4. Use Permissioning to group internal articles while keeping public articles in the same account
    You can create an internal group and then add users to restrict access just to them
You can use one HelpDocs account for either internal or external knowledge. If you need a second account, look here. 👀

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