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Can I use multiple HelpDocs accounts together?

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You can! Multiple accounts are great when you have more than one product or want to use HelpDocs for your internal company documentation with a separate domain.

We don't have any plans that include multiple knowledge bases.

Wanna use the same domain? Check out Permissioning

Tools to Manage Multiple Accounts

Managing the back and forth between accounts can become time consuming so we've built some handy tools specifically for this.

  1. 🚀 Fast account switcher so you can move between them with a single click
  2. 📃 One single monthly bill so you don't have to worry about individual bills. You can still manage them separately if you'd like.
  3. 🔁 We can sync users across so when you add a user in one account they'll appear in the other one too
  4. 💬 Multi-account Slack integration so you can access articles from both accounts

Getting Multiple Accounts Set Up

So you're ready to add another account? Awesome to hear! Pop over an email to with the following information to help speed things up:

  • Your current HelpDocs slug (e.g.
  • The slug you'd like to add (e.g.
  • Which plan you'd like to choose for the new account
    • If you're using the same plan for both accounts whether you would like users to sync between the accounts

We'll get it set up for you as soon as we can 🤗

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