I’m seeing a blank screen when I load my knowledge base

Jarratt Isted Updated by Jarratt Isted

Whelp. Nobody likes a blank screen.

(Almost) custom template

The most likely cause is having switched your template to Custom in Settings > Brand > Template but haven't added any template files to Settings > Code > HTML. Unless you're looking to create your own template, you'll need to switch to another template style.

Read more about our templates over here.

Dodgy code

Another common issue is some errant CSS or Javascript messing with your layout and hiding things. Code can be finicky sometimes. Check out your code in Settings > Code > CSS and Settings > Code > Javascript to be sure everything's as you expected.

Custom domain that ain't so custom

If you've set up a Custom Domain in Settings > General you'll need to properly configure your DNS to support it. We have a fancy article about custom domains here that'll get you started.

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