Choosing a Layout

by Jake Peters

HelpDocs ships with a bunch of different layouts so you're bound to find something you love. If you're looking to create your very own layout, check out our article about creating a custom HTML template.

Want a unique template without coding it yourself? Ask us about our done-for-you template service. 

Selecting a Template

It's really easy to switch templates.

  1. Head to SettingsBrand
  2. Under Homepage Layout select the layout you'd like
  3. Hit Save 

Available Templates





You may have legacy templates in your account that aren't mentioned, depending on when you signed up.

Feature Matrix

When we add features to HelpDocs, they're not always available in older templates. We tend to segment features to generations of themes. The current generation is v3. Here's a rundown of which features are compatible with each theme generation.

FeatureMinimum Generation
Callouts, List Styles and Syntax Highlightingv1
Admin Barv1
Contact Form Analyticsv2
Structured Datav2
Custom Templatesv3
Instant Searchv3next
Subfolder Hostingv3next

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