Shared Password Protection

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Whether you're using your HelpDocs internally to train staff, or just because they're not ready for the limelight yet, there's a load of reasons you might want to password protect your HelpDocs.

HelpDocs makes it super simple to add a shared password that visitors will need to enter before they get to your docs.

  1. Log in to HelpDocs at <your-subdomain>
  2. Go to SettingsGeneral
  3. Under Shared Password enter a password of your choice
  4. Hit Save
You'll need to share this password with your team, so be sure not to use anything sensitive to you

Now when people visit your site they'll need to enter a password before they can read any docs.

Using Team Passwords for Single Sign On

You can also send the team password through as an hd_team query parameter. e.g. to automatically log in users

If you're looking to set up docs that only users logged into your app can view, the team password works great. 

Just load HelpDocs in an iframe on your dashboard when people log in, including the team password in the query string. That way they'll be able to view your docs for a rolling 30-minute session.

Here's a snippet to get you started:

<iframe src="https://<your-helpdocs><your-team-password>" width="0" height="0" style="display: none"></iframe>

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