Who counts towards the user limit on plans?

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All users that sign in to HelpDocs with a username/password or Single Sign On—regardless of their role—are counted towards the plan limits.

Public viewers to unrestricted knowledge bases are not counted as users, since they won't have their own HelpDocs account. In addition Shared Password and JWT Auth users are not counted toward your user limits.

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Who Counts Toward User Limits

User Type

Counts Towards Limit

HelpDocs Account (username & password)


Single Sign On (e.g. Slack, SAML, OIDC)


Shared Password Protection (or Shared Password as SSO)


A JWT Auth token or cookie


Public Viewers that Don't Log In


Users that only view docs in Lighthouse


Extra users can be added to some plans for a fee. Contact support in the dashboard to arrange the users to be added to your account.

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