Configuring Slack Single Sign On

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Many teams use Slack to communicate with their team, so it makes sense to have the ability to log into other services using the same service.

Here's how to configure Slack SSO so your team members can Sign in with Slack.

Only some of our plans have access to Slack SSO

Setting up Slack SSO

  1. Head to Settings > Users > Access
  2. Head to Single Sign On and find Slack
  3. Click ⋮ More > Connect
  4. Click Add to Slack and follow the instructions
  5. Tick Let user log in with Slack
  6. Close the modal and hit Save

Now anyone on your Slack team will be able to sign in with Slack from the login page.

Assigning User Groups to Slack SSO Users

This is only relevant to accounts with the Permissions feature

When a member of your team signs up to HelpDocs they'll get assigned the default role from your account. If you're using our Permissioning features to show internal docs to your team, you may want to assign them to user groups at signup. Luckily it's super simple.

  1. Head to Settings > Users > Access
  2. Find Slack and click ⋮ More > Configure
  3. Set the default groups you'd like to assign Slack users under Default User Permission Groups
These permission groups will only be added to a user the first time they sign in with Slack, so you can change their group on a per-user basis later
  1. Close the modal and hit Save Changes

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