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Can I have a single article appear in multiple categories?

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The short answer is no. We don't have any plans to build the ability to place an article into multiple categories. It makes navigating your docs kinda tricky for users (especially things like search and manual navigation for your users).

Alternative solutions to placing an article in multiple categories

There's usually a way to avoid having an article in multiple categories. These involve restructuring your knowledge base so it's easier for users to navigate. A win-win for everyone 🍾

Restructure and use subcategories

Organized by theme rather than location in the app and then use subcategories. That way you can add the article at the top-level of the parent category. This means users will see it before they navigate down to a specific category like this:

  • Category
    • Article you wanted in multiple categories
    • Subcategory
    • Subcategory

Duplicate the article

There's a few options when considering duplicating the article.

  • Copy/paste the whole content into the duplicate article
    Be warned this would negatively impact your search engine rankings and make it hard to maintain both copies
  • Create a redirect in the duplicate article that sends users to the right place
    You could use an HTML block and some Javascript to redirect the user. This will mess with their ability to use their browser's 'back' button to navigate around your docs which isn't super accessible.
  • Write a sentence or callout in this duplicate article telling people where the real content is (with a link)
    This is the option I'd choose—it's fine for SEO, avoids you maintaining two copies, and doesn't affect your user experience as much as the other two options here

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