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Managing Clips

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Ever needed to use the same text or HTML in multiple articles? We got you. Clips lets you do just that.

Accessing Clips

  1. You can access Clips from the sidebar under Clips (or click here)
  2. From here you can select a Clip from the list

Easy as that!

A Clip is not linked to the original Clip in any way so don't worry about editing or deleting it. You can always hit Cmd-Z and try again 🙃

Clip Features Based on User Role

Differen't members of your team will have different Clips permissions based on their user role. Here's a breakdown of the Clip features each user role has access to.

Clip Feature






View Clips


Create Clips


Lock Clips


Share Clips with Team



Unlock others' locked Clips




Creating a New Clip

  1. Head to Clips from the sidebar
  2. Click + New Clip
  3. Add your title and content
  4. Hit Save

Inserting a Clip

Once you've created your Clip you'll obviously wanna use it over and over again. Here's how it's done.

  1. Head to your article
  2. Click the 📎 Clips button in the toolbar
  3. Search for your Clip and select the result
  4. Your Clip will be inserted into your article 🎉

Deleting a Clip

  1. Head to Clips
  2. Select the Clip you wanna delete
  3. Click the More button
  4. Click Remove and confirm

Team Sharing Options

You can have private, shared, or locked Clips based on your sharing access settings.

  1. Head to Clips
  2. Select the Clip you wanna edit
  3. Share or Lock your Clip

Editing the sharing settings changes who on your team can see or edit your Clip. Here's what the combination of sharing access settings mean:

Sharing options selected

Who can access your Clip


Only you can edit and see your Clip

Share with team

Editors and Administrators can edit and see your Clip

Share with team & Lock Clip

Editors can see your Clip

Administrators can edit and see your Clip

When to Use Clips

There's two main use cases for Clips. 

  1. Complicated HTML blocks that you can use to add functionality
    This is great if you have an HTML block that's complicated and you don't wanna recreate it each time. Also useful if you have something you use all the time.
  2. Entire article templates
    Make the same kinda article a lot? Create a template of it in Clips and reuse to your heart's content. This is great for FAQ templates or other structured content.
We recommend you differentiate between these by naming them something memorable. Try using TEMPLATE: or SECTION: as prefixes for your titles.

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