Managing Clips

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Ever needed to use the same text or HTML in multiple articles? We got you. Clips lets you do just that.

Working with Clips

  1. You can create clips in SettingsClips (or click here) > Add New Clip
  2. Click Edit to give it a memorable name that your colleagues will recognize and make the HTML look all pretty 🦄
  3. Hit Save
  4. In the article editor, press the Clip button in the tool bar 📎
  5. From the dragdown, click a Clip Title to insert it into the article editor

Easy as that!

When you insert a Clip into the article editor you can modify it however you like. It's not linked to the original Clip in any way, so don't worry about editing or deleting it. You can always hit Cmd-Z and try again 🙃

When to Use Clips

There's two main use cases for Clips. 

  1. Sections of HTML that you can combine to create new articles
    This is great if you have something super complicated you don't wanna recreate. And also if you have something you just use all the time.
  2. Entire article templates
    Make the same kinda article a lot? Create a template of it in Clips and reuse to your heart's content. This is great for FAQ templates or other structured content.
We recommend you differentiate between these by naming them something memorable. Try using TEMPLATE: or SECTION: as prefixes for your titles.

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