What is Readability?

In the article editor you'll see a readability score. This is a measure of how complex your article is to understand.

At HelpDocs we use the Automated Readability Index to calculate these scores.

Each article gets a score from 1 to 14. The score corresponds to an age group and grade level. Check out the table below for a full list.

Depending on how technical your audience is, a good readability score to aim for would be 10.

Keep your articles simple, and more of your customers will understand them!

ScoreAgeGrade Level
26-7First Grade
37-8Second Grade
48-9Third Grade
59-10Fourth Grade
610-11Fifth Grade
711-12Sixth Grade
812-13Seventh Grade
913-14Eighth Grade
1014-15Ninth Grade
1115-16Tenth Grade
1216-17Eleventh grade
1317-18Twelfth grade
You can click on the readability score when you're editing an article. It'll show you the reading age and school grade in your editor.

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