Collaborating on Articles with Presence

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It's great to work on HelpDocs together as a team. When there's only a few of you it's easy to avoid overwriting others' work, but when more of you start collaborating on articles at the same time it can become a battleground of who saves last wins. 😬

To avoid this we've built real-time Presence indicators into the product.

Unlike previous indicators, these are now real-time. You'll only see them when someone is on the article.

Presence in the Content View

When someone on your team is editing an article, an indicator will show next to the article in the Content view. Have no idea who it is? Hover over their avatar and you'll see their name.

Presence in the Article Editor

If someone on your team is editing the article you just went onto, you'll see a conflict message up top with a typing indicator. We highly recommend not saving at this point, so you don't overwrite the other team member's article.

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