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Incompatible Browser Extensions

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Sometimes our article editor and your browser extensions just don't get on 💔

Here's a list of the extensions we know interfere and how you can disable them when you're writing on HelpDocs.


  1. Click the Grammarly icon in your browser
  2. Turn off the green switcher next to Check for writing suggestions
  3. The Grammarly icon should now display off when on HelpDocs

Beeline Reader

Please make sure you don't click the browser extension icon when editing your articles

If you've got autocolor enabled in settings, here's how to turn it off for HelpDocs.

  1. Click the Beeline Reader icon in your browser
  2. Turn off the switcher next to Auto-color this site
  3. Make sure Beeline Reader is switched off before editing or writing an article
Report an Incompatible Extension
We'd be super grateful if you'd let us know about any other extensions which are causing editor issues. Hit Contact at the top right of this page or ping an email to 💌

Ad blockers

It turns out ad-blocking extensions don't play so nice with our analytics and you may see a network error appear when trying to load the stats page. Please disable your ad-blocking extension to load your analytics.

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