Filtering Articles

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Need narrow down the list of articles with certain attributes? You can filter your articles to find what you're looking for.

Filtering Articles

  1. Head to Content
  2. Click on Filter in the top right
  3. Start adding filters from the dropdowns to find what you're looking for
  4. Click Apply

You can filter by several different attributes:

  • Status
  • Author
  • Stale Status
  • Category
  • Permission Groups
  • Tags

Fine-tune with Matching Conditions

Want to be more or less specific with your searches? You can choose whether to find articles that match some of the conditions or force it to match all of the conditions.

Let's say you're looking for all of the articles that are Stale and all articles that are published you'd apply the following filters. This gets all Stale articles and all published articles.

If you wanted to instead find all articles that were Stale and Published you'd apply these filters. Notice how all is selected instead.

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