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Get Feedback, Activity, and Contact Form Notifications in Slack

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One of the benefits of installing the Slack integration is the ability to see what's going on with your knowledge base. 👀 Here's a list of the cards you'll see through notifications. 

Feedback Cards

When a visitor leaves feedback you’ll get some important information useful for everyone on your team. We show:

  • Author of the article
  • Article status
  • Sentiment of feedback just given (positive, neutral, or negative)
  • Any images or gifs associated
  • Brief preview of the article
  • A button to view the live article

Team Activity Cards

Your knowledge base can be a hive of activity when there's a new product launching or you're doing a little spring cleaning 🧹

You'll get rich notifications when an article is privately published, published, or deleted. Here's what we show when that happens:

  • The author
  • The category it's in
  • Its status
  • A button to view live (if published)

Contact Form Cards

If you're using HelpDocs without live chat, you'll automatically get a smart contact form to filter and receive customer queries. You can receive these straight into your Slack channel, giving everyone the ability to reply and view what customers are saying. Here's what we show:

  1. Who sent you the contact form
  2. The contents of the message
Use the mailto link attached to the email address to quickly reply from your email client.

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