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Understanding the Contact Form

You can't cover every question your customers might have in your HelpDocs. That's where the Contact Form comes in. 📮

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You can't cover every question your customers might have in your HelpDocs. If your customers still need to get a hold of you after looking through your help documentation, there's a handy Contact Form they can use to get in touch.

The contact form will automatically detect what your customer is typing and try to deflect the ticket by suggesting relevant articles below.

When someone fills in your form we'll send the message over to you by email.

Emails are sent to you from, not directly from each customer. This account is not monitored. Be sure to add our email to your list of trusted senders so you get the message in your inbox 📮
Looking for something more customizable? It's not possible to customize the built-in contact form but you can totally disable the built-in form and add a nav link and linking to a contact form using a different provider like Typeform or SurveyMonkey instead.

Setting Who Gets Emailed the Question

By default, the person who set up the account will get the question sent to their inbox. You can change that in Settings.

  1. Head to Settings > General (or click here)
  2. Enter the email in Contact form
  3. Hit Save Changes

Removing the Contact Form Completely

If you hook up one of our Contact Form Integrations we'll hide the Contact form by default.

If not, you can remove the form completely by leaving the Contact Form Email box blank (step 2 above). Be sure your customers have some other way to contact you, though!

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Setting a Custom Favicon

Hiding the Contact Button

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