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Installing the Slack Integration

You can manage your HelpDocs articles and get notifications from Slack. Members of your Slack team can connect their HelpDocs accounts and start sending /commands.

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The HelpDocs Slack integration helps you get your whole team involved in making your knowledge base successful for your customers and team. You can view it on the Slack store here.

Here's what you can do once it's installed on your workspace:

  1. Create new docs and draft up notes within Slack 📝
  2. Search and insert docs in any channel 🔍
  3. Get an overview with team activity, visitor feedback, and submitted contact forms 👀

Setting Up the Slack Integration

Connecting Your Team to Slack

Before you can start using the HelpDocs Slack integration you'll need to add our Slack app to your team.

If you already had Slack connected before January 31st, please click here to upgrade your integration.
  1. In your HelpDocs dashboard, head to SettingsIntegrations
  2. Find Slack and click the More button > Connect
  3. In the Slack card hit Add to Slack
  4. We'll redirect you to Slack to grant us access to your team
    1. Log in to Slack if you aren't already logged in
    2. If you have multiple Slack teams, choose the one you want to connect to HelpDocs
    3. Review the permissions
      1. What will HelpDocs be able to view? lets us identify you & your teammates so we can show the right docs to the right people
      2. What will HelpDocs be able to do?
        1. lets us send messages as HelpDocs
        2. add /commands to your team so you can interact with your docs
    4. Choose a channel for us to post notifications (Where should HelpDocs post?) let us post notifications in to a Slack channel of your choice.
  5. Click the Allow button to return to HelpDocs

Connecting Your User Account to Slack

You can connect your Slack and HelpDocs accounts in the HelpDocs dashboard manually. Or just follow the instructions the first time you use a /command.

If you were the user that originally connected your team's Slack account to HelpDocs, your user account will be linked automatically.
  1. In HelpDocs, head to your Profile by clicking your avatar in the navigation bar
  2. Under Slack, click Sign In with Slack
  3. We'll redirect you to Slack
    1. Log in to Slack if you aren't already logged in
    2. Choose the correct Slack team (if prompted)
  4. Click Allow to return to HelpDocs

Now you can use /commands in Slack to create and search for articles. Your permissions there will mirror your HelpDocs permissions.

Disconnecting Your Slack Account from HelpDocs

If you don't wanna use the Slack integration anymore you can easily revoke our access. I promise we won't take it personally 😢

Individual User Level
  1. Head to your Profile (or click here)
  2. Under Slack hit the link to revoke access
Once all users on your team have revoked access, we'll no longer have access to your Slack account to send webhooks, and we'll uninstall the /commands.
Entire Team Level
  1. In your HelpDocs dashboard, head to SettingsIntegrations
  2. Find Slack and click More > Disconnect

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