Using the Slack Integration

by Jake Peters

You can manage your HelpDocs articles and get notifications from Slack. Members of your Slack team can connect up their HelpDocs accounts and start sending /commands. Plus, your whole team can enjoy HelpDocs notifications in a Slack channel of your choice. 

Setting Up the Slack Integration

Connecting your Team to Slack

Before you can start using the HelpDocs Slack integration you'll need to add our Slack app to your team.

  1. In your HelpDocs dashboard, head to SettingsIntegrations
  2. In the Slack card, hit Add to Slack
  3. We'll redirect you to Slack to grant us access to your team
    1. Log into Slack if you aren't already logged in
    2. If you have multiple Slack teams, choose the one you want to connect to HelpDocs
    3. Review the permissions
      1. Incoming Webhooks let us post notifications in to a Slack channel of your choice. You can customize these later.
      2. Commands lets us add /commands to your team so you can interact with your docs
      3. Identity lets us identify your teammates so we can show the right docs to the right people
    4. Choose a channel for us to post notifications (incoming webhooks) to
  4. Click the Authorize button to return to HelpDocs

Connecting your User Account to Slack

You can connect your Slack and HelpDocs accounts in the HelpDocs dashboard manually. Or just follow the instructions the first time you use a /command.

If you were the user that originally connected your team's Slack account to HelpDocs, your user account will be linked automatically
  1. In HelpDocs, head to your Profile by clicking your avatar in the navigation bar
  2. Under Slack, click Sign In with Slack
  3. We'll redirect you to Slack
    1. Login to Slack if you aren't already logged in
    2. Choose the correct Slack team (if prompted)
  4. Click Authorize to return to HelpDocs

Now you can use /commands in Slack to create and search for articles. Your permissions there will mirror your HelpDocs permissions.

Configuring Webhooks

HelpDocs can send notifications into a Slack channel of your choice through Incoming Webhooks.

You can choose which notifications you'd like to receive so your team's not bombarded with data you don't find useful.

  1. Head to SettingsIntegrations
  2. In the Slack card, click Show Webhooks
  3. Check the events you'd like to receive in Slack
  4. Hit Save
If you have no idea what to choose, copy us! In our own Slack channel we listen to Feedback Left on Article, Team Member Created, Article Published, and Internal Article Published.

Disconnecting your Slack Account from HelpDocs

If you don't wanna use the Slack integration anymore you can easily revoke our access. I promise we won't take it personally 😢

  1. Head to your HelpDocs Profile by clicking your avatar in the navigation bar
  2. Under Slack, hit the link to revoke access
Once all users on your team have revoked access, we'll no longer have access to your Slack account to send webhooks, and we'll uninstall the /commands

Using the Slack Integration

Available /commands

When you connect the Slack integration we add two /commands to your team: /hd and /hdprivate. The former lets you interact with your Public docs (the ones you write in the Articles tab). The latter lets you work with Private docs.

On either command you can add help to get a list of all the things you can do.

/hdsearch [query]Search your Public articles for [query]
create [title]Create a new Public article called [title]
/hdprivatesearch [query]Search your Private articles for [query]
create [title]Create a new Private article called [title]
The first time you use a /command you'll be prompted to log in to HelpDocs. If you're desperate to do this manually, just type /hd connect

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