Slack Integration

​Installing the Slack Integration

You can manage your HelpDocs articles and get notifications from Slack. Members of your Slack team can connect up their HelpDocs accounts and start sending /commands.

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Configuring your Slack Integration

Our Slack integration comes packed with different options, but we understand you might want to limit the amount of things going on in a channel. Here's how to change the configuration.

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Sharing Articles From HelpDocs to Slack

If you're working on an article within HelpDocs, you might want to share with your team from the article editor.

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Available Commands in Your Slack Workspace

There are a number of commands you can use to create, search, and share your docs all without leaving Slack. Here's a complete list of them.

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Get Feedback, Activity, and Contact Form Notifications in Slack

One of the benefits of installing the Slack integration is the ability to see what's going on with your knowledge base. Here's a list of the cards you'll see through notifications.

Jake Peters
Updated 5 months ago by Jake Peters

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