Translating Your Docs

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Once you've enabled multilingual HelpDocs, you can translate all your docs into as many languages as you like. 

A language switcher will appear in the left-side menu. This lets you change the language you're currently editing

Once you select a language you'll find little grey labels next to everything that's localizable. i.e. everything that is specific to your current language.

You'll need to enable Multilingual HelpDocs to translate your docs

Translating Categories

  1. Head to Content
  2. Select a language from the language selector dropdown
  3. Click the pencil icon on a category row to pull out the editor
  4. Translate the Title and Description
  5. Hit Save

Translating Articles

  1. Head to Articles
  2. Select a language from the language selector dropdown
  3. Click on a category to expand it's articles
  4. Click the title of the article you'd like to translate
  5. Start translating the article, title and tags in the secondary language
  6. Toggle Translation Complete when you're done
  7. Hit Save
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Changing Common Default Strings

After you've translated your articles, you'll want to translate the common default strings (i18n) in HelpDocs, like Author, and How Did We Do?

We provide default translations out of the box for French, German, Dutch, and Spanish
  1. Head to Settings i18n
  2. Select the language in the dropdown you'd like to translate into
  3. Write your new strings and hit Save

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Automatically Translate Articles with Machine Translations