Translating Articles

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Supporting customers in multiple languages? You'll wanna translate your articles so they're available for customers to read in their preferred language.

Articles must be published in your default language before they'll show up as a translated article. Learn more about default and secondary languages over here.
Learn about translating categories over here

Translating Articles

  1. Switch to the language you'd like to edit
  2. Find the article you'd like to translate
  3. Translate the title, meta, and content
  4. Click βœ… Mark Translated when you're happy with your translation. This will change to Translated when it's ready
  5. Hit Save Changes to add the latest changes
  6. Hit Publish Changes to add it as a published version
The article status carries over from the default language so if the status is a Draft in your default language it'll be a Draft in your secondary language
Get robots to translate your articles πŸ€– With automatic machine translations you can get an article back in any language within seconds. No third party, zero hassle.

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Translating Categories

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