Automatically Translate Articles with Machine Translations

Selling to customers around the world can increase the reach of your business. The problem comes when you need to support them in their language. If you're not a linguist, this becomes a lotta work.

With our automatic machine translations, you can send an article off to be translated and get back an accurate translation in seconds. This saves having to get a third party involved and you can delay picking up that language dictionary a little longer. 🤫

Machine translations are available on our Growth plan

How to Start Translating Articles

  1. Make sure your article is in a secondary language
  2. In the article editor sidebar, click Request Machine Translation
  3. Hit Save and you're done! 🤯

Understanding Limitations

  • Translation count. We'd love to offer unlimited translations, but this awesome stuff costs us. If you're interested in bumping up the 100 translation limit on the Growth plan, get in touch.
  • Accuracy. We do our best and employ the latest technology built by Google, but we can't guarantee the content you get back will be 100% accurate.

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