Editing Category Metadata

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When you start out with HelpDocs and create a category for your articles you can customize a few things about its URL and appearance. We call this metadata.

Here's what all this metadata's about and how you can edit it 💪

Editing Category Metadata

  1. In the Content tab click More on the right side of the category you want to edit
  2. Click Edit metadata
  3. A popup will appear. You can edit all the category's metadata (e.g. slug, description and more)
  4. Hit Save Changes

Types of Metadata You Can Customize


When we say slug we mean the end of the URL in your address bar. 

In the example below, the pink part is automatically generated so URLs don't get mixed up (you can turn this off but we don't recommend it). The green part is the slug. That's the part you can change.


This is a sentence or two about the category. It lets your visitors have a small preview of what the articles inside will be about before they click on it. It starts out blank but it's highly recommended to customize it to give your users a better experience.


The Icon appears in a slightly different place on each theme. Usually at the top of the category card. You can choose from a bunch of built-in Font Awesome icons to change your Category Icon. Or you can upload your own! We've written all about that here.

Parent Category

A category can be transformed into a subcategory by adding a Parent Category. Wanna learn more about subcategories? That's here.

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