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Adding GIFs to Articles

Kyrie Melnyck Updated by Kyrie Melnyck

GIFs are a great way to make your articles fun and to communicate complex steps in a visual way šŸ™Œ

Adding a GIF as an Image

  1. Save the GIF to your desktop
  2. In the Article Editor click the Image icon
  3. Drag and drop the GIF to upload
  4. Hit Save Changes

Adding a GIF using an HTML Block

  1. Find the GIF embed code (ex. Giphy)
  2. Add an HTML Block to your article
  3. Paste the embed code into the HTML Block
  4. Hit Save Changes
There are a bunch of tools out there for you to record your own GIFs like we did in this article. LICEcap & Recordit are a few of our favorites šŸ¤“

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Using Ordered Lists

Understanding Article Statuses

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