Connecting Lucidchart

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Lucidchart makes diagramming simple for you and your team. This integration makes it seamless to find, insert, and edit diagrams in your articles. We take care of authentication for your charts, so any chart you insert with HelpDocs will be immediately available to all your viewers.

You'll need a Lucidchart Team account to set up this integration

Connecting Lucidchart

  1. Head to Settings > Integrations > Lucidchart
  2. Enter your API Key and API Secret
    You can generate this in your Lucidchart account
  3. In the article editor, you'll now see a Lucid button

Inserting a Lucidchart Diagram

  1. Click the Lucid button in the article editor
  2. Hover over a chart title and click Select
  3. Your chart will be inserted into your article
The first time a user tries to insert a chart from Lucidchart they'll be prompted to connect their own Lucidchart account in their HelpDocs Profile

Editing a Lucidchart Diagram

There's a nifty Edit button next to each chart you insert, so you can go straight to the editing page in Lucidchart. Any edits you make to a Lucidchart diagram you insert with HelpDocs will be immediately available to your users. We update them in realtime.

  1. In the top right of a diagram, click Edit Lucidchart
  2. You'll be taken to your straight to your diagram to edit it

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